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I am the Unicorn Head - Cosmologic Adventuring | Upbeat
I am the Unicorn Head - Cosmologic Adventuring | Upbeat

I am the Unicorn Head – Cosmologic Adventuring | Upbeat

I am the Unicorn Head is an indie alternative band of two ardent artists from the US and UK. Together they have ventured on an ambitious musical project called “Unicorns in Space” which heavily consists of space motifs. Through this super-fresh concept, they create a fantastical world that lets their listeners escape to the realm of space and beyond. 

Cosmologic Adventuring is a recent release of the duo, which is a fine upbeat number with interesting soundscapes. The song is upbeat yet has a distinctly laid-back feel to it, thanks to its smoothly flowing verses and a crisp, easily likable chorus. The song has some vivid rock elements that give it a superior effect and make the song even more enjoyable. When you start listening to the song, you will not be able to expect what is to come because the song offers a musically rich ride wherein you will actually feel like adventuring into another faraway realm where things are different and there’s a lot to explore and look forward to. The music creates that sense of thrill and excitement for you to fully relish the greatness. 

The vocals are charming and add that perfect bit of excitement to the song. Moreover, you should especially focus on the lyrics because they are quite meaningful and complement the musicality of the song as well. If you pay heed to the words and the sounds, this song would become a lot more enjoyable for you. 

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