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Claire Littley - I Don't Like The Rain
Claire Littley - I Don't Like The Rain

Claire Littley – I Don’t Like The Rain

Claire Littley has just released her brand new single, I Don’t Like The Rain and its dainty melancholy is an experience that is not to be missed.

The dreamy soul track is reminiscent of a blue romance. Its slow dancing rhythm, made up of deep basslines, cymbal clicks and pausing beats, is perfect to sway to. And the tropical percussion adds a fresh dimension to the track. The vocals roam the canvass like a spotlight and its dramatic whimsy is oh so pleasing to witness. Its performative charm and extravagant melodramatic emerges from the swirling accents and emphatic expression.

Playing out against a backdrop of ethereal melodic swishes, the acoustic piano, tropical beats, and chiming synths attain a histrionic glamour and mystique. Its romance readily disperses into the mind and shimmers with magic.

But most of all, the track makes you feel gooood, you know? Everything about it drives into you, the lilting grace, unapologetic passion and the soothing texture. The aching vocals are alive, fresh with a zeal for life and youthful fervor. Reminiscent of George Michael, Lisa Stansfield and Sade, the smooth, soulful jazzy vocals does wonders for the passion hearted.

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