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The Hybris - Keep The Wolves Away
The Hybris - Keep The Wolves Away
The Hybris - Keep The Wolves Away

The Hybris – Keep The Wolves Away | An encounter with reality

Truth spoken out in the open is a sin, as today’s world considers it so! Therefore, art is the only medium through which it is easier to bring one face-to-face with reality. The latest single of The Hybris, Keep The Wolves Away, is somewhat such a song that serves this very purpose.

You’ve got the right, so choose wisely!

The Hybris’, Keep The Wolves Away is a song that charges up your guts and emotions right from the beginning. Well, rock music has always been about that. It injects hopefulness and optimism into us and is a significant source of upliftment in a vibe of its own. This exceptionally hard-hitting track by the band involving three super-talented musicians is noteworthy due to its musical composition and lyrical brilliance.

The song begins on a note of suspense with a guitar line that makes you curious about what comes next! It gradually builds up with even tighter drumming, which cues in the vocals. The vocals kick in with the lines that serve as the song’s chorus. Keep The Wolves Away is lyrically a message to the people regarding the deadly and uncontrollable threats that the wars put our nations. It preaches to us to utilize the freedom that democracy gives us by choosing a leader.

The official video of the track, however comically executed, shows the figure of a personality we are not unknown to. We see him having a ball of dance by himself, making us realize that our choices are incredibly flawed, and we must not let inhuman leaders rule over our families and nations.

The song mix boasts so much clarity that you can hear every word yet not miss out on the raging tight backing that complements it! Through the middle of the song, there is a superbly coordinated guitar, bass, and drums section that works as a catchy hook that you will certainly listen to on repeat. The song moves on after that to the chorus, gradually ending the song as a dead stop after repeating the initial guitar line that it started with.

It is a song everybody should listen to. It gives us the strength to try and bring a positive change to society by utilizing our rights! Listen to this track here:

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