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Alas de Liona – Spirals | Despair

California-based singer-songwriter Alas de Liona is known for her eclectic compositions where she fuses folk and synth elements to create her signature sound. She recently came out with her fourth single of the year, titled “Spirals” – a soothing acoustic song with lush vocals and exquisite instrumentation. Alas de Liona has been releasing music since 2017, and has released a full-length album and a constant stream of singles since then. She is best-known for tracks like “Cascade” and “Pages” that capture her unique sound excellently, and are fan-favourites worldwide.

“Spirals” by Alas de Liona is a melancholic composition that’s very emotional and quite moving. She introduces the track with her hypnotic vocals and is accompanied by a deep-toned guitar. “Bitter taste as the sun goes down / Flashes old as dread / Carry back two mistakes I made /  Dark inside my heart”. She sings somewhat dark lyrics that highlight uncertainty and lack in self-confidence, though there are glimpses of hope in her writing from time to time.

Alas’ raw vocals really stand out in this performance. She has a unique delivery style and a specific tone that’s very engaging and hypnotic. As the track progresses, a steady, laid-back drum beat carries the groove of the track along with a well-recorded bass while Alas’ sings an infectious chorus melody. Guitars fill up the soundscape with tasteful distortion and play well with the lush instrumentation on this one throughout. A top-notch production and a masterful mix give “Spirals” a very professional sound, and Alas’ voice shines through excellently on this one!

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