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TerraTara – Empty Apartment | Folksy

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist TerraTara makes music out of a personal cabin in the mountains of British Columbia and has been writing songs for over two decades. She recently came out with her second single of the year “Empty Apartment”. The artist is known for her  nature-inspired acoustic compositions, and has been making waves in the indie singer-songwriter scene since 2010. Her singles “A Love, Tantalize” and “Waiting for the Rain” are fan-favourites worldwide and capture her unique sound really well! Her latest release “Empty Apartment” showcases a smooth vocal performance, soothing instrumentation and a super-clean mix; a top-notch production!

TerraTara kicks off the song with an acoustic guitar progression and some minimal percussion to set the groove. She sings heartfelt lyrics with a unique flow that’s inspired by Eastern European, Indian, Irish, Reggae music and other genres as well.

Baby I’m taking the next train home to you / It’s me in my empty apartment again / It’s me alone in my room / It’s me and my empty pockets again / It’s me loving you.”

As TerraTara sings about missing love and longing for it, she is accompanied by smooth harmonica fillers and soothing harmonies.During her days as a busking artist, she developed her signature sound that reflects her surroundings and feelings.  

TerraTara keeps a hold on the listener with her dynamic and engaging choruses on “Empty Apartment” as it progresses. She nails the ending with smooth microtonal cadences and complimenting harmonies that fill up the soundscape in a raw and authentic way. There is no doubt that TerraTara is an amazing songwriter, and her inspirations have crafted her sound into something really special! She wrote “Empty Apartment” back in 1999 and wasn’t able to release it until now, but it was definitely worth the wait!

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