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Trevena – Distant Lights
Trevena – Distant Lights

Trevena – Distant Lights | Rock Party

The debut album by British composer and guitarist Will Prince aka Trevena is titled Distant Lights and its a rock opus. A unique fusion of US and UK classic rock has been created by Will, Nashville-based singer Chris Cron, and guitarist/music producer Joe Lonsdale from London. A powerful album showcasing the deeper side of mankind is created by appealing vocals, compelling acoustic guitars, and tight rhythm sections. The album features ten tracks and runs for about forty-five minutes in runtime. It reminds us of The Who, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, The Firm, and other such phenomenal artists.

The album begins with the first track Roll The Bones. The song features a fiery guitar riff and some rock vocal harmonies in the chorus. The vocals have a fine wine rock rawness and finesse. Incredibly catchy and groovy! We get a sweet tasty key change in the last round as well. The second track Dance Macabre starts with some sweet acoustic intricate riffs. Then the bass and a steady groove set the tone for the vocals and guitar accompaniment. The beat sets in and we hear some neat wah-wah laced guitar wailing. This is a song that brews a fine concoction of contemplative moods. The song concludes with some vocal layering and a crescendo.

One More Drink, the third song, is a moderately paced rock number with acoustic verses and loud choruses. A perfect mix of light and dark and a balance of musical flow and energy. The fourth song is Maybe This Time, another song that seems to be following that formula. However, the chorus here consists of a densely packed chorus arrangement and the lyrical flow is especially tight. The song then twists into a delight with some interesting song production. A highlight of the record!

Ghosts is the fifth track on the record. A groovy bass line and tight guitar riff commence the song. Verses phrase line ends are punctuated with riffs while the vocal parts are cleaner. The chors buildup shows that we have a treat in store with the chorus on this one. We get a tasty guitar solo that fits right in the pocket of the groove. Will’s vocal in the last chorus here are powerful and the range and vocal throw is impressive. Great job by Travena! With its witty title, Blind Leading the Blind is the sixth song. This song has a nostalgic retro rock feel. The chorus hits the right emotional spots with energy and hummable vocal lines. Another straightforward feel good rock song, a must listen!

Thinking of You is an emotional rock ballad that will tug at your heartstrings. Kerenza is relatively minimalistic in terms of the arrangement song. From the high energy, we move to a laid back very complex finger picked guitar comping and vocals with depth. The beautiful vocal harmonies in the outro of the song are pristine. The record concludes with two great bangers Looks Like Rain and Drift Away.

The album combines brilliant songwriting and screaming guitars, drums, and bass, forming a solid and thrashing rhythm section. It possesses a phenomenal spirit and an attitude. You will dance and headbang to this joyous brand of alternative retro indie rock. Trevena presents itself as polished and versatile. Combining a dark rich musical horizon with tight compositions, we would be looking forward to their future music.

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