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KALA CHNG - Good Badass Song | Intricate
KALA CHNG - Good Badass Song | Intricate

KALA CHNG – Good Badass Girl| Intricate

KALA CHNG is a Bristolian Pop Music artist with a little Chinese twist and is known in her hometown as a Culture ambassador for her music and artistic endeavors. She is recognized for the amazingly unique musicality that she brings into her music and the crisp contemporary feel that makes every song worthwhile. 

KALA CHNG’s recent release is a song called Good Badass Girl which is a beautiful and intricate number with Chinese musical elements, giving it a perfect cultural and folk edge. The song begins in a rather eccentric way, with unique soundscapes that easily manage to lift your spirits and add a bit of energy to the air around you. With brilliant progression and special effects, you would be stunned, to say the least. One can say that an enormous effort has been put into the production of the track because without the special, intricate nuances that are added here and there, that beautifully decorate the song, the song would have not been quite appealing. But because the soundscapes are accentuated in a beautiful way, one can tell that this is a song well-executed. 

You would be in awe of the brilliant vocalization throughout the song. It is not ordinary, to say the least. One can tell and point out the little specialties and quirks in the vocalization, that add to the overall listening experience. 

Moreover, the lyrics are charming too. With catchy sounds and lucidity in the lyrics, the song becomes rather enjoyable.

Listen to the song right here: 

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