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Hariz – I Don’t Trust You Yet | Fervent

Pop singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Hariz, who is based in Los Angeles, recently released his single, “I Don’t Trust You Yet.” Just taking in the atmosphere while listening to the song is pure bliss. It builds steadily from a gentle beginning to a crescendo that would suddenly become incredibly exciting and thrilling to just be in the mood. The production quality is outstanding. The composer wonderfully incorporates so many ideas into the song in addition to the catchy melody line. The song’s words really speak to us, bringing out the thrill of floating together with it. This would undoubtedly keep the listeners coming back. Long after the music has stopped, the chorus will simply continue to buzz. A lot of energy was put into the track’s creative process.

The song’s arrangement begins with the guitar strumming and plucking at the beginning. The tone of the drums is an outstanding standout, and I enjoyed how they started. The groove is expertly supported by the bass, which greatly enhances the feel and definitely amps up the energy. The dynamics are masterfully maintained throughout the song, keeping the audience completely engrossed till the very end. The vocal tone really conveys the passion and longing mood, and the ensemble of instruments creates a pleasing overall sound. The vocal performance is another element that really builds the connection, and when combined with the dynamics, the song really stays with us. I have no doubts that the song will end up on playlists after just one listen.

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