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Fang Su-Drowning Within Darkness
Fang Su-Drowning Within Darkness
Fang Su-Drowning Within Darkness

Fang Su-Drowning Within Darkness | Blazoned in stone

The legend of Fang Su might be one we tell our prodigy. There is an enticing, enthralling secret within the music. It develops like a true crime thriller, and is packed with mystery. This is their second EP of the year, called Drowning Within Darkness. An instrument of the theme, this artist is the medium for us to understand the music.

The Coming opens this EP. It is a slow build, with eerie synth movements breaking the silence. The beat is steady, like it builds to something intense. There is a bright spot of the volume’s magnitude being raise for the instrumental loop. It creates a suspense filled moment like walking down a corridor to unearth a secret. Somber is the second track. It reminds me of the experimental beginnings of Nine Inch Nails, their instrumental work. There is an industrial electronica feel to the track, compressed and waiting to pounce.

The drama doesn’t just exist in the choice of notes or rhythm. It also performs these fantastic left turns when least expected. With this, Fang Su makes sure you’re dialled in when it all goes South, North or whichever direction. There is an R&B undertone to it, yet lingers in the darkness of the mutiny. It suddenly changes tone to a cleaner, more minimal background that grips you for the setting it fabricates. God, Save Us comes next, almost on cue, as per the scene. It is a sense of being lost, the syncopation of the beat suggesting so as well.

Among the dead

The sudden hollow with the missing instrumental parts keeps you in anticipation of activity. Is there a ripple of fear with the piano part. It is defining and the underlining element of that aspect in sound. As these lighter tones see each other, they collaborate in a harrowing sound-treble informed. The sailing, flowing synths come in soon as they try to create a spatial matrix of unique sounds.

If the palette used by Fang Su is to be emphasized, it is with this nature of building towards a climatic end to the sound. There are aspects of the sound which you spend in waiting, and that is where the intensity builds. The digital influences create quite the ambiance, which is playful and confrontational in ways. The experimental region that Fang Su wants to create and draw the highlight on has been up to this moment. To Those Who Have Passed on is that lingering, crafted feeling of despair. It provides relief, even though it’s momentary.

The singles and experimentation in workmanship has been extraordinary on this EP. It has been closed well, takes into account what emotions and behaviour is attached to each element. I cannot wait to hear more of their dive into themes. Listen to the album here:

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