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Alec Berlin – Patchen Avenue | Having a Whale of a Time

Alec Berlin is a force to be reckoned with. A master of jazz performance, he’s been destroying stages across New York City for over 25 years. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Alec relocated to New York after earning his degree from the New England Conservatory. Since then, he’s been thrilling audiences with his catchy instrumental songwriting and incredible stage presence. If you’re lucky enough to catch one of his shows, you’ll be swaying along to his tunes all night long. Trust me, Alec Berlin is not to be missed.

Alec Berlin’s song “Patchen Avenue” is yet another example of his skillful and multi-talented musicality. The song opens with an acoustic guitar playing something that sounds like it could have been plucked from the 1950s or 1960s, yet making sure it sounds modern—it has that timeless feel that so many artists strive for. The melody is simple but infectious. As I listened to this song, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the richness of the musical arrangement and overall tone. The guitar lines are handled so deftly, and the strings are enough to convey the emotions! The riffs are very delicate and soothing, giving it a unique feel. The song has an overall relaxing effect. It evokes a sense of nostalgia for an era when music was less about being fast-paced and more about being meaningful—and it sounds like he wants us all to join him on this adventure! “Patchen Avenue” makes you feel like you’re floating through the air and enjoying the wind blowing against your face. It makes you feel like life is easy and seamless. It makes your heart blossom with joy. “Patchen Avenue” will make you feel at peace, no matter what might be going on in your life. It’s like a little piece of home that you can always carry with you. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the song, and I am sure you will enjoy this work of art as much as I did. So, why wait? Hit the play button right away, and thank me later.

Enjoy listening to Patchen Avenue here.

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