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Mick J Clark - Sing glory glory hallelujah | Festive Folk 
Mick J Clark - Sing glory glory hallelujah | Festive Folk 

Mick J Clark – Sing glory glory hallelujah | Festive Folk 

Mick J Clark is a singer and songwriter on the Sonorus Record Label for quite a while and has gained recognition for his country/folk numbers with over 1000,000 streams on Spotify alone. He is loved for his Rock music and has topped several charts in US and UK. 

Mick J Clark’s song Sing glory glory hallelujah is a Christmas country track with perfect festive soundscapes for you to get into the holiday headspace and feel the glory of the season. The song is slow-paced and sweet with perfect musicality that almost has a calming effect on the listeners with its chilled and laid-back tunes and mesmerizing vocals of Clark. The great thing about the song is how smooth it feels to the ears because of the rich instrumentality and wonderful progression. The chorus is extremely soothing with its enchanting and catchy melody. The best part is the gradual development of the track which almost gives a cathartic feeling towards the end, even though the sounds have been dealt with in a gentle way, with no exaggerated excerpts. The overall pace of the track is quite smooth and has a lot to offer to the listeners. 

The song has been produced in an impeccable way. Some might argue that a little more experimentation would have done no harm, but I would say that the song is perfect the way it is. It has all the goodness that a festive song should have. Unnecessary additions would only deteriorate the simplicity that it has, which, in my opinion, is the best quality of this song.

This one shouldn’t be missed out, as it is perfect for your holiday playlist! 

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