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BREGN - You and Me | Luscious 
BREGN - You and Me | Luscious 

BREGN – You and Me | Luscious 

BREGN is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who believes that art is about connection and creativity. He has always been a thoughtful musician, putting out music with a deep sense of purpose and direction. With soulful tracks that speak to his listeners on a personal level, he is setting an example for artists, undoubtedly, to maintain the sanctity of music by being true to their craft. 

BREGN’s recent release is a song called You and Me which is a luscious, sonically extravagant track with some exquisite little details for you to explore. If you are someone who is a fan of indie, folk, and acoustic music, this one would surely appeal to your senses, because of its beautiful laid-back flow. The song begins in a rather gentle manner, instantly sending you into a zen mode, only for the best. The song has a lot to offer because of its rich sounds and great instrumentality. You won’t come across dull moments and even crevices because they are beautifully filled in with rich sounds, thanks to the splendid production. The great thing about the song is also BREGN’s laid-back vocals, which add to the whole soulfulness of the track in an effortless way. If you listen to the song multiple times you will realize that there are many layers in the track for you to peel off, in order to enjoy it to the fullest. 

With meaningful lyrics, extraordinary musicality, and soothing vocals, You and Me feels like a reverie well-executed. 

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