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Short Supply – Tatum Quinn | Pop Rock

 Tatum Quinn is a 24-year-old Pop/Rock Singer/ Songwriter from Montreal, Canada out with her latest single, “Short Supply”. Holding the accolade of being an alum of the Berklee College of Music, I would say that the work that’s gone into this track is definitely reflective of that. Keep reading to know my take on this song, as I delve into the nitty-gritty of what it is that truly makes this song up.

The whole track is kept energised by a high-energy, electric guitar riff (if you will excuse my pun-making), while there are harmonies that evolve in the background as Tatum Quinn delivers vocals written beautifully, almost as if this song was meant to be played on the radio even before release. There is something about the energy that makes this track absolutely electrifying to listen to, a big, unapologetic “(redacted) you” shining through all the aspects that make this song what it is.

The mix was a joy to listen to on my now half-competent listening setup, and that is where I was able to point out the space that this mix has, the kind of stereo field trickery going on where I literally looked down at my keyboard deck to see if it was making a sound it shouldn’t be making when I heard this song for the first time– only to smile gleefully right after as I realised that was a trick of the mix itself. The balance in this mix is great, with transit between the various field elements being continuous and seamless at the same time.

The songwriting is something that pop lovers will immediately feel at home with. The lyricism is done well and is sweet and to the point. There are definite high points that Tatum wants you to focus on, and they made themselves heard throughout the mix with ample cues to lead the listener to them.

Overall, I think “Short Supply” by Tatum Quinn is one hell of a banger and needs to be in your lists this week. Or the next. Who am I to say, really…

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