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Bonze - (Mercedes)
Bonze - (Mercedes)
Bonze - (Mercedes)

Bonze – (Mercedes) | Auditory Bliss

There are nights when you sit in one corner of your room with a blank stare into nothingness. These times, the mind is lost and tangled in a labyrinth of thoughts. Various questions keep crossing each other, and all we crave during such phases is something to fall back on. The latest single by Bonze, (Mercedes) is one song that uplifts your mood and gives you a shoulder to kill the feeling of loneliness.

Feel the calm while facing the storm!

When you tune the song in, you must let it drive you. Authentic electronic music, top-notch production, and heartfelt songwriting are what this track has to offer. The song opens cinematically with a single chord from the synth and begins with a catchy hook that involves a groovy delay.

As the vocals join in, you hear a voice that soothes your soul. There are many variations in the vocal tones where you find some of the most terrific use of falsettos and layers. The voice sounds a bit hazy, but that adds to the beauty of the track.

The opening lines are enough to hook you into the song, and just after two lines, a superb execution of drum pad beats starts. The pulsating synth and pad beats make the song groovy, and that’s what’s going to keep you moving. Throughout the track, several electronic triggers and synth-led lines give it an overall vibe and a beautiful background to the story. If you’re curious regarding the story of the latest track by Bonze, (Mercedes), it is about a female figure who goes by the same name.

The ambient textures and the song’s lyrical brilliance gives birth to optimism and hopefulness. Well, that’s all you need to close your eyes to during a lonely night full of confusing thoughts. Listen to this beautiful track here:

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