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Mick J Clark – It's Christmas Party Time
Mick J Clark – It's Christmas Party Time

Mick J Clark – It’s Christmas Party Time | Party On The Snow

It’s Christmas Party Time by Mick J Clark was recorded almost a decade ago but sounds fresh in its spirit.

The song is the final track on the mega four disc record catalogue of Mick J Clark titled Is This The Best Song Catalogue Ever? The colossal song collection of sixty-three songs features the last disc with three Christmas songs.

Mick is also an author with his popular book “Message From A Star”, (the Star is in the sky) and has been adapted into a screenplay. His music has had over a million streams on Spotify while featuring on scores of playlists and music charts.

The song features a steady rock beat with good use of church bells. Guitars and the bass provide the apt job of carrying the rhythm of the song forward. We get a retro feel which reminds us of the nostalgic times of joy, happiness, and celebration. he song drifts nevertheless delivers; it contains a few allegorical thoughts that cast the circadian rhythm in motion.

Spirited vocals by Mick J Clark will get you grooving while the music will keep a smile on your face. Production by Nelson King is exceedingly well done balancing the energy and technical aspects. A magnificent pace surges onto verses segment from the entrance, from the valley’s outlet. The climax features a brief flash of musical adrenaline that counteracts the masterful lyricism and is unquestionably everything to revel in.

Now is the season to pull up this fun number as Christmas comes near!

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