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What You Want – James Gittins | Funk House?

When I listened to “What You Want” by James Gittins, I had a lot to process in terms of how I would describe it as a sound, as a song. Do not get me wrong, I racked my head for a while thinking of which part of it I wanted to write about first– because there are so many new things I listened to in this song, let alone how well they blend together. Keep reading to find out why I would say something like that.

This song is a whole labyrinth of new sounds that blend effortlessly together to filter down to a whole new experience for the listener. There are elements of jazz in here, with the picked bass, there is a whole festive vibe on with this song with the proud brass instruments singing symphonies in the back, with great layering of vocals that all seem to blend so beautifully together.

The song retains a very uptempo, high-energy vibe right from the very start, with the layers wafting in and out while making their identity known in every bar of the song, reminding you that they are very much still there, still creating an impact on you. I would like to especially highlight the whistle-register singing going on towards the end of this song here– I thought that was an outstanding addition, both because of how difficult it is for singers to achieve that kind of register in the first place, and how distinctive– therefore difficult– they are to include in a song and make them sound coherent unless your name happens to be Ariana Grande. Seriously, mind blown, and a job well done.

be that as it may, it takes just as much expertise on part of the mix engineer to make something like this sound coherent and musical– and I am glad to report that is purely the case here, with seamless transitions between the different energy levels in the song– seriously, this track goes from new heights to newer ones with every progressing bar. There is a lot to unpack about this song, and I would categorise it as the gates of heaven for somebody that loves that kind of ear candy, where they love looking into the details of what makes each element tick, and why.

“What You Want” by James Gittins may truly well be what you want to jazz up your playlist the next time you pick up your headphones and sit down for a good old-fashioned listening session. This song gets a whole two thumbs up from me for how bold it sounds, and how good it made me feel. Check out the song here!

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