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The Spiritual Leaders- Shadows And Tall Trees | Reflective

The Spiritual Leaders are an Irish indie-electronic group with roots in Cavan. The lead guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Fergus Brady, the drummer Cathal Brady, and the vocalist/guitarist David Reilly make up this super talented band.

The Spiritual Leaders are one of the most exciting and promising bands. If you haven’t checked them out yet, do yourself a favor and give their music a listen.

Now the trio band has made a comeback with a new single, “Shadows And Tall Trees.” This song is amazing! The synth work at the beginning is really captivating, and then the vocals come in and add an extra layer of excitement. The way the atmospheric vocals flow over the instrumentation is just perfect. The bassline and drum beats are extraordinary and make you want to tap your feet along. As we listen to the song, we are transported to a different world where the shadows and tall trees represent our deepest fears and insecurities. The lyrics are incredibly powerful and moving. With its ethereal soundscape, the song creates a feeling of both wonder and unease. The electronic elements are expertly blended with the indie vibe, making for a track that is truly unique. It’s the perfect track to get lost in and explore the many layers of sound that The Spiritual Leaders have to offer. “Shadows And Tall Trees” has all the makings of a summer hit, with its catchy melody and infectious beat. The Spiritual Leaders are definitely a band to watch out for because they are pushing the envelope and creating something new and exciting.

Enjoy listening to Shadows And Tall Trees here.

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