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Supernatural – Kwun | Resonance

As somebody who loves going into the nitty-gritty of how music is made and sounds, reading about Kwun and listening to “Supernatural” immediately interested me. Why? Kwun’s music is recorded in 432Hz tuning (not the standardised 440Hz), the frequency widely believed to resonate and harmonises with nature and the human body.

It is a completely different sound– while still sounding familiar enough to my ears to enjoy it thoroughly? that is how I would best describe it. There are not many recordings, or artists for that matter, that record in this kind of tuning, by far because of the occlusion that surrounds it, that kind of conviction the gears of the music industry seems to tick with; and Kwun is set to break all of that, to interpret music the way it truly is meant to be– abstractly.

The kind of portrayal of such an avant-garde concept here into a beautiful, post-rock kind of sound had me captivated right from the very beginning, right to the end of this song’s runtime. There is so much to bring to your ears– and to your mind– about what this song truly is about; and the themes go excellently well with the choice of sound adopted. the 432Hz tuning is merely one of the factors that make this song especially unique– and the lyricism is certainly a big factor too.

The songwriting is introspective, moody, bluesy, almost, if I have the gall to say. The whole instrument ensemble seems to sit so well with one another, and the vocals come on as a beautiful cherry on top, overall presenting the kind of sound that truly embodies experimentalism in its very breath. I loved listening to “Supernatural” by Kwun, and I think you, dear reader, need to listen to this, even if just to see what the world looks like, when you view it with a 432Hz lens. Check the song out here:

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