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Jane N' The Jungle-Raw as a Jewel
Jane N' The Jungle-Raw as a Jewel
Jane N' The Jungle-Raw as a Jewel

Jane N’ The Jungle-Raw as a Jewel | Welcome to madness

Remember the raw rock magic you used to crave? Before diluting into whatever standardized sound the Machine produces now, we had gritty, salt of the Earth rock. Jane N’ The Jungle bring that blossoming, energetic and raw delivery system back with their sound. This is their latest single, Raw as a Jewel.

Like Sum-41, blink-182 or some of their alt-rock alternatives, Jane N’ The Jungle bring their sound with the chugging, driven melody of the guitar. The vocals are standout and encapsulate the vibe of the song immediately. Whether it be the lyrics or the kind of performance that has been chosen, it sits well within the groove and provides the fuel for this track to be running. The rhythm section is equally impressive, not cluttering the song with excessive layers. This is the kind of sound that could be performed live with no smoke and mirror tricks. Just the band in itself and an amplification system. The chorus is not a very pushy, excessively varied one-it follows the verse to continue the required flow.

Their albums Concrete Jungle and singles like Trouble have ridiculous stream numbers on Spotify. It is clear why people are instant fans of this band, this is rock as it was meant to be consumed. From the lyrics to musical execution, Jane N’ The Jungle know how to leave a memorable mark. Listen to their brilliant single here:

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