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Dance Dance Dance – Rebel Camp | Dance

“Dance Dance Dance” is the latest project from Rebel Camp, formed of independent musicians from across the world collaborating over the internet. A beautiful idea, really, with the kind of collaborative art that music really is– in traditional music where knowledge is documented, amended and passed down over generations, and in modern music where people just like Rebel camp may be timezones away from each other, but still bond over the one thing they all love– music.

The whole track is the kind of peppy number that I would expect to be playing on a Friday afternoon in a trendy New York City cafe, with the whole crowd starting to prepare for a weekend of fun. The flow of the song remains groovy and danceable throughout, spearheaded by the kind of instrumentation that only sounds like it had a lot of mind, creative thought and effort put into it– and it shows in the execution too.

The vocals are also delivered perfectly well, with the kind of melodic songwriting that makes a song singable– and in the perfect amount, I would say. There are many elements in the song that come together rather beautifully, to create an overall great-sounding product.

“Dance Dance Dance” represents a class of music that ushers in the new era of realtime collaborations between artists that don’t anymore need to mail tapes, fly down to studios to meet collaborators, or any of the things that made music an unnecessarily complex and logistically difficult thing in the past. The artists get to devote more their time and mind to making the kind of art they truly stand for, and I admit I am a fan. Check out “Dance Dance Dance” by Rebel camp here:

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