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Munk Duane – Just a Word
Munk Duane – Just a Word

Munk Duane – Just a Word | Soul RnB Funk Magik

Just a Word is the latest smoking enchanting single by Boston producer, vocalist, and film composer Munk Duane. Duane has been a two-time winner of the New England Music Award. His music is rooted in the 60s, 70s soul, and pop music. His musical DNA includes legends like Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. Therefore, it is no surprise that we get a joyride of a song in four minutes of time.

The song begins with a bass line that catches your attention. This is set to a backdrop of chiming bells and a subtle granular synth background. Then the drums kick in and some expressive vocals by Munk Duane seep in. The groove is set in stone by the bass line with the vocal melody and chordal harmonic production setting an ethereal mood. Funky guitar stabs are added when the second verse comes in post a stunning chorus. The heavenly synths add a blissful mood to the song. Vocal harmonies in the chorus add to the masterful arrangement of the song. A bridge that ties all these elements and keeps us hooked with some interesting chord changes. After that, we get a mesmerizing final chorus, and god what an ending to a blazing composition!

Munk is a prolific film and TV composer having his music licensed to scores of shows including The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, The Sopranos, and the Super Bowl Half-Time Show. At his alma mater, Berklee College of Music, he has also given guest lectures.

A fresh sound that is based on the traditions of the best past melodic and harmonic moorings gives rise to some irresistible music. And that is proved by Just a Word. Just a Word by Munk Duane Adult contemporary R&B song with funk, soul, and pop influences that you will keep spinning.

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