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Mohamed Assani-Transit
Mohamed Assani-Transit
Mohamed Assani-Transit

Mohamed Assani-Transit | Dynamic tapestry

Mohamed Assani is a man striking a balance as an artist and innovator. A sitar maestro by all measures, his songs bring in new sounds to create a rich, dense and diverse selection of sounds. Curated personally by him, many listeners get introduced to Hindustani classical music through him. This is his latest single, Transit.

At over 8 minutes long, this epic is unique for many reasons. Though the sitar is the hero in any light, it is important to note how well he splices contemporary elements like beats, basslines and Konnakol, all meandering through the song. The sitar goes on within the original rhythm, these other elements rise and fall with the dynamic. What Mohamed Assani does with his music is something to be witnessed and felt. From a wide perspective, this is a style that would fit jazz, R&B and the traditional classical form. Trying to break the formwork of what has been pre-existing and putting a spin on it is where the sorcery lies.

There’s too much, and there’s too little. Mohamed Assani strikes that improbable balance with his music while not showing any disrespect to the form. He also doesn’t tip-toe into the bold moves he is making. His album Wayfinder is an impressive collection of these fusion tracks, which bring a whole new dimension to your ears. Listen to his single here:

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