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I’ve Tried Sleeping – I’ve Tried Sleeping | Rock and Roll

I’ve Tried Sleeping is a 5-piece modern rock band formed by veteran musician and frontman Charlie Edwards. They recently dropped a 10-track sonic masterpiece that features hard-hitting grooves, motivating lyrics and exquisite instrumentation. The band captures the essence of classic rock and roll along with other influences like electronic and psychedelic music with this record, and says that “the songs will take you somewhere if you let them…”; an expressive and energetic album perfect for your rock playlists!

I’ve Tried Sleeping Album Tracklist

The band kicks off the self-titled album with an upbeat track called Flying High Anyway. If you go back in time don’t mess with your former self / In the zombie apocalypse aim for the head / You’ve got to run got to fly like your life depends on it / Don’t get caught lying to yourself”. The track features thumping drums, crunchy guitars, and a sweet bass groove that accompany Charlie’s vocals. He sings somewhat dark, and intricately written lyrics in the verses about the power of love, building up to a very uplifting and energetic chorus as the track progresses.

Track two, Not Talking Squatchbegins in a more mellow space with a soothing acoustic guitar rhythm and mellow tones. Charlie is accompanied by the band’s bassist Eddie Ramirez, who really shines through here. The dynamic instrumentation and grungy vocals give this track a Led Zeppelin-reminiscent feel; a solid composition that plays beautifully for three-and-a-half minutes.

Hard Hitting Rock, as the title might suggest, is a punchy rock tune that’ll surely leave you headbanging! It has an infectious rock and roll groove that’s both familiar and fresh. Lead guitarist Jay Condiotti keeps it going with his simple and very catchy riffs, supported by upbeat drums and a driving bass throughout; hard not to bop to this one!

The band transitions to a more lighthearted, laid-back sound with track four – Out Here On Our Own. With its funky progression and feel-good melodies, it somewhat sounds like a Coldplay composition, but very classic rock. Charlie’s vocals giveaway that I’ve Tried Sleeping ‘sound’ we’re slowly getting familiar with, and I think he sounds absolutely fantastic here!

I’ve Tried Sleeping continue their story through hopeful lyricism and melancholic tones on the next track. “Without The Faintest Idea” is a very emotive song that starts off with a story of a dream and eventually highlights affection and desire. Initially, Charlie sings over a bass-driven rhythm and electric guitars. The track then builds up incredibly in energy and is filled with hard hitting drums and uplifting melodies; a solid performance.

Some Kind of Mother is another excellent grungy song from the band’s self-titled album. Keyboardist Kelly Porter’s playing really shines through on this one as she plays a conversational piece with guitarist Condiotti on this one. The track has a bluesy vibe and is a pleasure to listen to! I’ve Tried Sleeping bring back the raw organ sound we all know and love, and fuse it with a hardcore rock and roll rhythm to create the magic on this one.

I’ve Tried Sleeping talks about an experience of listening to the legendary Led Zeppelin on this next track titled, “Listening To Zeppelin. “Feels like I’m missing something I never had / And the promise of this dream lights up the darkness / It would always lift me up and take me for a ride / It’s calling me now I got lost inside a rainbow.” Quoting lyrics and themes from some of their songs, Charlie paints a picture through his beautifully written lyrics here, and sings about getting the feeling of getting lost in the music; very well composed and produced!

Track eight, Shaking This Can Up is introduced in a dark ambient space with a reverby electric guitar that fills up the soundscape; quite unlike what we’ve heard on this album so far. Charlie comes in over a tight drum rhythm and a driving bass  – “Okay let’s review the plan / I’ll get very small / You wait outside on the ledge / When the alarm goes off we’re on”. This song seems to be about a confrontation between him and a significant other, along with his desire to find out the truth about the lies that were told to him. The band brings in the I’ve Tried Sleeping ‘sound’ as the track builds up; a top-notch performance.

Build Something Golden is a beautifully written 9-minute composition that has a very Pink Floyd-like instrumentation. Featuring deep basses, colourful chord progressions and soaring guitars, the band showcases a very fresh sound with this track. The track has a bunch of sections that excellently flow into one another, with Charlie at the front of the mix. He’s supported by AJ Ramirez on Drums, Condiotti on Guitar, Eddie on Bass and Kelly on the synth, and everyone does a fantastic job here! Build Something Golden is one of those tracks that you can never get bored listening to! The band really shows off their veteran musicianship here with smooth transitions, engaging build ups and an exquisite finish.

I’ve Tried Sleeping ends their self-titled album with a heartfelt song called Your Arms Around Me. “I don’t care what you think / I’m going to believe / When I cross to the other side / You’ll be waiting there for me”. The band changes things up with this track featuring light melodies and affectionate lyrics. Charlie is accompanied by grungy, yet mellow guitars initially, and as the track progresses, we hear percussionist/drummer AJ Ramirez carry the rhythm of the track with a smooth shaker groove. The track builds up steadily with uplifting melodies and a very full-sounding set of instruments; a fantastic way to end this 10-track sonic masterpiece!

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