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Getting Lost – AYTONE’S | Alt Rock Heaven

AYTONE’S “Getting Lost” is the kind of song that reminds me of why I’m such a fan of music in the first place, and why I do what I do. There is something that seems to unite us all lovers of music, and as a fan of alternative rock, there are very specific reasons why right from the first listen, “Getting Lost” sat in my head. Keep reading.

When it comes to alternative rock, really, there is no limit to how much an artist is allowed to explore– for what they uncover becomes a new signature sound, and how well they can carry it becomes that good a musical style. The style of alt rock is something that is always evolving, breaking the boundaries of “conventional” music, if that is even a thing.

“Getting Lost” is the kind of song that I’m referring to– the kind that pushes the boundaries in terms of the experimentation, the melodic arrangements, the percussion, the harmonies, everything. How Aytone manage to pull this all into a sweet-sounding mix, is honestly something I loved trying to figure out– right from the mellow-ish intro, to the very present guitar solo that stands just as tall as the harmonies in the bridge of the song; from the lush, spacious sound of the rhythm guitars to the groovy, potent percussion, there is so much sparkle about this song.

The production, as I earlier alluded to, there is some serious firepower lurking at the console of who produced this song, Every change feels deliberated upon, every addition tasteful. There is a beautiful atmosphere that permeates the song, and I was more than a fan of how this song sounds over the course of my listening period for this piece.

Overall, “Getting Lost” by AYTONE’S is exactly what it sounds like it is– a song to close your eyes to, a song to let go to. I loved listening to it! Here’s the track:

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