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Shadow Forest - Little Drummer Boy
Shadow Forest - Little Drummer Boy
Shadow Forest - Little Drummer Boy

Shadow Forest – Little Drummer Boy

Christmas is right around the corner, and it is that time of the year when most of us tend to tune in to some classic Christmas carols. But what if there comes a modern rendition of such classics which satisfies the likes of today’s generation while keeping it tight to the roots of the original melody? Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Having said that, let’s check out the latest single of Shadow Forest, Little Drummer Boy.

A brief introduction to the classic!

Little Drummer Boy is one of the classic Christmas carols, known initially as Carol of The Drum. This Christmas classic’s composition and songwriting credits go to the late Katherine K. Davis. The song was composed back in the year 1941. A group of singers known as The Trapp Family recorded the song for the first time in 1951. A later version recorded in 1958 by Harry Simeone Chorale made the song reach its height of popularity.

Shadow Forest’s Little Drummer Boy rendition

As a modern-day core electronica rendition by Shadow Forest, Little Drummer Boy is quite impressive. The song starts with a buildup of marching snare drum alongside a church bell chime which leads us to the main groove. The groove is pretty energetic, and drum parts are much wider and full of elements compared to the original song, which is based only upon a march past snare drumbeat.

The groove progresses while a beautifully monotonous chord backs it. A one-note short-lived string section drone joins the backing, leading us to the melody line. The melody sounds beautiful, holding a firm and impressive foreground over the very tight backing.

After the first verse, there is a pause where nothing except the drums is played. It sounds simple and brilliantly executed breakdown that spurs up the track with a surprise element. The next verse begins with the drums building up to the main groove, and a similar melody follows. It brings us to the song’s end, where we hear another short but catchy bass line that gives the track a twisty ending, much like leaving you lost in thoughts.

The most attractive feature of this song is the overall change in the vibe to a darker and more uplifting one than the original. Listen to Shadow Forest’s Little Drummer Boy here:

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