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HURRICAN X is a French hip-hop producer and DJ who was born and raised in Paris and is currently based in London. He is known for his deep musicality and technicalities that he applies to his music. He has played alongside with the likes of Rihanna, Tyga, Post Malone, Yo gotti, Rich the Kid, Ayo & Teo, Raye, etc. His musical skills will surely blow your mind away. He recently made his debut with the track GALOP which is a collaborative track with FYA NYA and 70 SHIINE which is surely a great track to make a debut. The way he uses such profound musical elements is what makes him so special and worth exploring.

The track GALOP is a great track that introduced me to this awesome trio of HURRICAN X, FYA NYA and 70 SHIINE. The track starts off with a melody that is so mesmerizing that I got lost in it’s ecstasy. The track projects some alluring lyrics which are beautifully written. The first verse is by FYA NYA which is structured with charm. He surely knows how to make people groove. This amazing verse if followed by 70 SHIINE‘s verse. Her crystal clear vocals are melodically and lyrically strong. The way HURRICAN X carries the track is amusing. This is surely one hell of a track that can make a whole club flip.

All these amazing artist are surely worth exploring. Do give them a go and try out GALOP, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

You can catch a little glimpse of GALOP here-

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