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Mark Winters – My Christmas
Mark Winters – My Christmas

Mark Winters – My Christmas | Spirited Season

It is Christmas time and Texas singer-songwriter Mark Winters has a new novel Noël tune for us titled My Christmas!

Mark Winters first picked up a guitar to play a song for his wife on their anniversary. This is when he discovered the joy of connecting with people through music. He is a natural songwriter with a background in poetry. Mark is an Aerospace engineer, with his music and poetry being a balance to the more cerebral math and science. However, he also acknowledges that emotions are just as complex with music being a perfect outlet for them.

Rock music with positive vibes is what Mark believes in, with his influences including the likes of John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz. Earlier this year, he had a stunning release with his second album Boundary Layer. Wielding his trusty strat in hand, we get to hear a happy and soulful Christmas tune here. The song begins with jangling jingle bells and a sweet lead guitar tune. Mark Winters sings about not only the physical

Mark does manage to channel the fine songwriting of the likes of John Mayer and Tom Petty with some astute guitar playing. This is a cheerful feel-good Christmas song about all the things everyone loves about Christmas and the holiday season. A reason and season to change your point of view. It is about celebrating love with family and friends with cheer. All you need is a sweet and solid but well-written tune about love and celebration. The true spirit of Christmas!

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