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9 o'clock Nasty-Sleepy Policeman
9 o'clock Nasty-Sleepy Policeman
9 o'clock Nasty-Sleepy Policeman

9 o’clock Nasty-Sleepy Policeman | Bitchin’ Bobby

It’s always an exciting time in history when 9 o’clock Nasty make their visit. Their music is unlike any other, and they are quite definitely an apparition from the future. When you see a title like Sleepy Policeman, you try to assume a genre. You do, whether you admit it or not. Whatever you think it is, you’re wrong.

There is joy in being wrong, though. The bassline is like the elastic snap back of your tighty whiteies. The guitar riff is like Frusicante, if he was on copious amounts of ayahuasca. It’s more than a song, it’s falling into a vat of funk and not figuring out you stunk. Their signature, slightly distorted vocals allows you to completely tune in your listening device. The groove is like a clap back at the House of Commons. There is little to get annoyed with, a lot to get enamoured with. These are musicians who rely on extraterrestrial intervention for inspiration. Output says, they’ve definitely got it.

You’re missing out on their greatest hits yet if you haven’t checked out By All Means Necessary, their latest album. It shows their compassion for the weird, and their lifelong dedication to teaching history through it. They are an important part of history, and I’ve had the honour of watching them grow. A listening experience is no lesser than getting an LSD joint blowback from Anthony Bourdain. The delicacy is in and around the experience. Listen to 9 o’clock Nasty bring it once again here:

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