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Eli Ladon – 10 Milligrams | Hype Pump

Eli Ladon is a hip-hop artist who has been dropping bombs of albums since 2012 and has released 4 albums and recently released his first single. He is a magician when it comes to lyricism and musicality. Elite lyrical abilities is what makes him stand out of the crowd. The way he incorporates melodies into his verses makes his tracks sound way above the other contemporary rappers. In a world full of rappers who only have bitches and money to talk about, this artist says out some things that will truly open your eyes.

I was amazed to see him drop a single after being an album artist for a whole decade. The track is named ’10 Milligrams’ and surely is worth being released as a single even for such an album artist. The track starts off with a melody that will make your heart melt right away. You can truly feel the artist’s energy as the vocals kick in. This is one of those artists who gives me goosebumps at least 10 times throughout the track. The chorus is so catchy that it has been spinning in my mind ever since I came across this amazing track. His flows are fresh out of the oven and hot enough to burn your ears. This is the kind of music I love, cherish and appreciate. Do give this track a go! You will surely become an active Eli Ladon listener right off the bat. ’10 Milligrams is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys rap and hip-hop fused with some exquisite musical elements.

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