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Nicholas Rowe - I Built it Myself | Soulful 
Nicholas Rowe - I Built it Myself | Soulful 

Nicholas Rowe – I Built it Myself | Soulful 

Nicholas Rowe is an Indie Alt Folk Singer and songwriter from Columbus. He creates alt-folk music that has rich lyrics and even richer melodies worth cherishing. He is someone who gets better with every release, every single, and that’s the spirit of an artist who keeps learning. 

Nicholas Rowe recently released a song called I Built it Myself which is a song that bravely speaks about owning your identity and your creations. A beautiful representation of what it means to be an artist. The song begins with peaceful riffs and acoustic melodies that beautifully set a landscape for things to unfold. You get hooked by the first instance, yet you cannot expect what’s to come. 

Rowe surprises you with the humbleness he brings with his soft vocals, which add a gorgeous sparkle to the otherwise monotonous soundscape. When he brings in the softness through his vocals, the lyrics become much more meaningful. You would love to delve into this song and not just listen to it superficially because there is so much to unravel. At first, listen, you might think that the song has simple yet soulful soundscapes, yet when you listen to it multiple times, the song grows better every time, just like any good song. 

You should listen to this song late at night and see yourself getting mesmerized by its beauty because it is a nuanced and intricate track that deserves to be explored by those who love acoustic and folk music. 

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