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Lukx- Mood | Liven Up

The father-son production team of Lukx hail from Belgium and is of both Belgian and Swedish descent. Their music has been described as falling halfway between Hip-Hop/Rap and Pop and features lyrics in both French and English. What sets Lukx apart is the chilly, entrancing feeling their music evokes. This is due in part to the production team’s unique background and influences. They are working together to create something truly special.

Their new single” Mood” is sure shot a mood booster. What a song! Lukx’s new single “Mood” will become an instant classic. The luscious bassline, the sizzling synths, and the sultry vocals are all blended together to create a song that is so addictive and chilled out. The perfect dance music! Although I could not understand the lyrics as they were in French, the music just took me on a different journey. This song will have you buzzing with happiness! It’s like a happy ride on the train with a side order of chocolate chip cookies. “Mood” has some awesome synths and basslines that work perfectly with the vocals, which are also very smooth and easy to listen to. There’s nothing too complicated about this track, which is what makes it so easy to hear from beginning to end without getting bored or distracted easily during any given moment. This song will surely win over fans worldwide who enjoy chill vibes combined with captivating beats and vocals that make you want to dance your worries away! Whether you’re looking to relax or get your groove on, this track is sure to please.

Enjoy listening to Mood here.

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