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Griffen Handshake | Cancel | Alt-punk | Teenage energy
Griffen Handshake | Cancel | Alt-punk | Teenage energy

Griffen Handshake – CANCEL | Teenage energy

Alt punk is an amazing genre that has the power to wrap you around with a feeling of nostalgia while also pumping you with a lot of energy. It’s a weird combination of emotions that just seem to weirdly work together to put you in a state of confused happiness! Perfect adolescent music that directly connects with a teenage audience and Griffen Handshake have got it perfectly right! Reminds me of my high school days when most of us were jumping around for music like this.

Griffen Handshake is an alt-punk band that was founded in Puttsburgh, PA. It’s a close-knit band that is actually just two brothers – Millen and Arjun Schuchert. Millen plays the guitar and contributes to the vocals along with Arjun who also plays the drums. Their music seems to be really relevant to the teenage audience currently, especially a track names ‘Cancel’ that speaks about the ‘Cancel Culture’. Their lyrics speak about mental health, social media and the external pressures that you encounter when you carve out your path in life.

The song starts off with all guns blazing – drums and guitars thrown directly into the mix with the vocals coming out the top of it all! They talk about perfection and how to fit into society. The guitars are piercing through the mix and set the tone for the whole track – acting as melodies and leads. The drums are there to supplement the vocals and the guitar work by giving it the right amount of impact. A fast paced, high intensity track with vocals to match! A real pep-me-up track.

The track gradually loses elements and the mix is slowly cleaned as the track ends. A weird arrangement that seems to work for these guys!

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