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Abby London – Off the Grid
Abby London – Off the Grid

Abby London – Off the Grid | Disconnecting

Indie pop musician Abby London presents to us her latest stunning single Off the Grid. This is Abby’s third single this year after the phenomenal songs Hysteria and Miss Him Most. She makes political parody and self-reflective pop and that is apt since musical expression like all cultural expression is political including the ones that claim otherwise. The single art cover depicting the musician in a rural farm setting, espouses the idea of getting off the grid from urban civilization and disconnecting.

Hailing from Seattle, the capital of much introspective music such as grunge, Abby expresses the angst which comes from similar roots in a different musical idiom. It is no coincidence that the rise of music with a strong rebellious core comes from a center of deindustrialization and finance with technology capital. Abby London ensures that the political expression and musical execution are balanced in this track.

The song begins with some random spoken sounds which transition into Abby’s vocals and an attention capturing bass line. Off the Grid is about disconnecting from the devices which have trapped us in their cycles. Abby London with great introspection and expression sings about escaping the trappings of modern hyper capitalist life including the big tech, media, and the government for the ruling classes.

The song runs for less than four minutes but at the end of it, you’ve heard not only a groovy song but an expressive message. The song with its interesting use of voice calls, synths, and cellphone sounds, is incredibly creative. With Off the Grid, Abby London has composed a solid indie pop tune that will get you grooving and thinking at the same time.

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