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Mick J Clark-I Want It More Than You
Mick J Clark-I Want It More Than You
Mick J Clark-I Want It More Than You

Mick J Clark-I Want It More Than You | Autumn Swing

Mick J Clark is in many measures, a renaissance man. He is primarily a lover of music, and loves to explore the boundaries of the songs he heard on the radio. His latest single is a throwback in more ways than one to the 70s rock inflection, especially the Tom Petty style of songwriting. This is his latest single, I Want It More Than You.

Let’s not pretend the classic rock trope for song construction isn’t entertaining. Mick J Clark sheds light on the very same creative blossoming that the Laurel Canyon musicians had, at their helm, steering their ship. The verse section has a beautiful rhythm flowing in from the intro, from the mouth of the river. It gurgles and meanders, yet gives us the goods-it has some figurative ruminations that become part of your internal clock. The chorus is definitely something you’d see the great Petty write, and has the sudden shower of instrumental energy, balancing out Mick’s songwriting mastery.

If I was to mention how many playlists Mick J Clark was featured on, this article would be longer than the Declaration of Independence. His songs have reached the Top 100 rock songs on iTunes, and many other playlists. His love for music allows him to be a chameleon connoisseur of genres, and he samples all of them before giving us a hit track. Anuther Sunny Hulliday is one such song which has broken the indie stream barrier several times over. Listen to his single here:

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