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We Are To Blame-Duality I
We Are To Blame-Duality I
We Are To Blame-Duality I

We Are To Blame-Duality I | Metal meltdown

We are to thank Nordic countries profusely for their contribution in metal. We Are To Blame are no different. Every unique sound and departure from the traditional form you hear in metal, is probably from a metal project in the Arctic circle. Duality I is their first album, and it contains what all good albums contain. Beautiful, celebratory music.

Breathe opens the album, released as a single earlier this year. With the pop styled vocals, the prog metal definitions are an exciting tapestry to witness. It creates a flow like Evanescence or Paramore, but does not stray too far away from the metal roots. Founded on the strong substructure of their love for metal, the brutal track creates melodies that balance the attack and chassis of the entire song.

Losing Rhythm is an easy favourite. Like any good groove metal song, the djent part must take a backseat rather than drive the rhythm. That’s what this track does, creating a scrumptious riff in the process. The opening is enough to know that the song will be at the helm of creating something special yet have the onslaught of a good metal song. The vocals steal the show as usual, but absolutely nail the theme.

My Release is the next track, creating a generous, mystical suspense phase in the beginning. It takes an unexpected term as per the groove, with the drum attack being the yank on the spine you need. It draws you in with the vocals, while the instruments create their dark, complex rhythm construct that echoes the hallowed halls but aspires for a creative breakout. My favourite track by far, at least by the chorus that had me on my knees. A near perfect song, and that’s a fact.

The Change once again shrouds with the mystery and mystique that it creates with the title. The synth plays a nice part in highlighting the riff on a different register. There are a lot of complex ins and outs in the track, the real magic happening between the double bass strafe. Gutturals make their appearance, giving the song the aggression it needs, without any moment of overkill. Another beast of a track, making this album an essential addition to your metal playlists.

We Are To Blame bring their ability to create false premises and insane build-ups with Falling Down. It begs for the kind of rhythm that is coming as the waterfall. The verse section is a surprise to say at the least. Though this would disappoint a purist, it is most definitely what the riff asks for. The bridge riff brings in moments from the intro riff, showing no mercy in allowing the part to marinate instead of embalming it with chaotic sounds.

All I Want To Say has We Are To Blame collaborating with Tom Englund. One of their early singles, the soft feather touch of the piano with the distorted guitar riff is a welcome addition in any song. Like a Dream Theater track, Tom’s vocals bring a break to Alice’s melodic pipes. The back and forth in the vocals bring a whole new, untraversed dimension in their song. One of the most enticing chorus parts in all their songs, this track has the most to offer from this band that has crushed every attempt at making a first impression. Cast in iron, as they say.

This is the kind of music I write for, music with more purpose than one. Not only have they tried to create another layer in a genre that is supposedly saturated, they bring their own magic in doing it. By far, one of the best metal projects I’ve heard this year. Listen to the album here:

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