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The Bare Minimum-Is a Gateway Drug
The Bare Minimum-Is a Gateway Drug
The Bare Minimum-Is a Gateway Drug

The Bare Minimum-Is a Gateway Drug | Hear the wheels rollin’

God, how I’ve missed that skater punk punch powered guitar fuzz. It’s been years since this underground genre has made a proper, stylish renaissance. The Bare Minimum put my worries (and hopefully other punk fans) to rest with their album release, Is a Gateway Drug. Packed with singles released over 2 years, this is their fourth album. There’s a lot of explosives to unpack, so let’s get into it.

You always, always start with a skull peeler. That is what Back in the D.P.R.K does, grabbing the quick tempo that these guys operate on. Overcharged with energy, the riffs are pulsating and flavourful, have character and the vocals are gruff. Henry Rollins will be proud.

Party Martyr is the second track, with almost a thrash infused riff and opening. They have the energy of Suicidal Tendencies and, in some parts, even The Big Boys. However, their sound draws from an aggression that isn”t tainted by the faults of the first wave or founding bands. They add in the gasoline, and we’re grateful for the long match they carry to burn it all down. Scars and Stripes drives it home with a much thicker, meatier sound for the riff. It all layers over each other, making it sound full, yet chaotic like The Bare Minimum desire it.

Mayhem for the millenia

Bitter Pill kicks in some more rock infusions, with even a pop swing to it. However, any normal band trying to keep this tempo must be running on Duracell laced with cocaine. This band is raw, rich with melodic traverses that are difficult to imitate, and give each song their all. Garbage in My Brain looks at a very different opening. Almost like Megadeth or Metallica, this track has one of the most memorable vocal parts. Changing tone is important, and this band reinvents themselves to create a new experience for their listeners.

Bonestorm looks like an Iron Maiden track (riff wise) wearing a disguise that it will rip off later, for dramatic effect. The track begins with a melodic riff, but goes on to assault and battery their way into your ear drums. This isn’t noise, so each riff is a joy to hear and jeopardize the structure of your vertebrae over. It has charm, style and of course, delivery. Stay at Home has a riff that foreshadows the energetic shockwave that will hit you. A short but not so sweet track, it is wreckage personified.

The chain for change

Woah comes next, with throbbing zeal and bedlam packing all the heat. This is where the crowd joins in for the track. It is like a shiver away from the epicentre, and there is no part of the track that doesn’t thoroughly entertain. With a little longer intro pocket, is Echo in My Head. It shows how well the vocals balance out, even with the scream that has the wow factor but doesn’t compromise on the sound quality.

Panic shows almost a growling, guttural sound from The Bare Minimum. It has more of a Sum-41 energy for the chorus, fun and catchy, sticky and yet precise. Conspiracy 2 follows, showing some The Damned vocal flow. The chorus is killer, and doesn’t seem to taper off, it just builds or sustains through the song. Closing off the album is Part Time Punks. With a sharper, different angle, they come with another rock pocket. This album is straight fire, and there are no lulls. Consider getting a bag of snacks, putting on this album and get faux-nostalgia of the 90s if it’s something you haven’t lived through.

The Bare Minimum are the gateway drug, to a skater punk rock renaissance. Listen to them create godly mania here:

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