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Lake Palmer - Vagrants
Lake Palmer - Vagrants

Lake Palmer – Vagrants

Witness the bejeweled wisdom of wandering melodies and take voyages into the stomach of nostalgia and melancholy with Lake Palmer ‘s new album, Vagrants.

Take My Life makes for the perfect combination of country, folk, and rock. With resounding banjo lines hooking into guitar melodies and swirling violins, the song is a mosaic of nostalgic sounds and textures. The baritone vocals sway like a warm breeze against the soothing canvas. Givin Up begins with rich acoustic guitar melodies setting the perfect tone for the song’s theme. The vocals are profoundly melancholic with harmonies compounding them. Empathetic violin melody tangents wonderfully accentuate the emotions and have us melting into the song.

Spit In My Face opens with a short percussive ballad made up of cymbals and pulsing drum beats. The vocals showcase anger and derision, soft and measured, but still impactful. The violin, banjo, and ukulele blends rage with a folk soul as they fill in the gaps left in the story told by the lyrics. An upbeat tempo and glistening melodies lead us to My Girl. The song carries the simplicity of old-school love, a forever romance like that of constellations. We sail with the violins across blood red skies to the daisy drum beats, with banjos and harmonicas serenading us.

Delicate acoustic strings channel the country wind to form melodies of rolling fields and endless skies in the next song, Fear. Simple and innocent, the song plays out all our nostalgic thoughts and reflections of the past. Never Surrender follows up with a refurbished tempo and coarser texture. Replacing the breezy vibe of the previous tracks, a swinging rhythm marches into the song on the heels of the acoustic guitar. The banjo work in the next track, Meet Me At The Station, is everything. It gracefully leads the song to its emotional destiny, without dominating or overwhelming the expression of the violins or the vocals.

Unwinding, with a glass of wine and a slow dance, Closing Time, waltz into the album with a delicious blend of love and melancholy. Its lovely violin lines float like lanterns, lighting up the sky, one note at a time. Solid Ground marks the beginning of the end. With a looping banjo melody setting the structure, the smoky vocals and whimsical violins weave in and out of it like a homecoming bird.

Into The Fire has melodies that is as vibrant and free as fire itself. The melodies flame upwards, its orange and magenta licks stocking and growing the fire to great proportions. Take Me Home wraps up the album with blooming acoustics. The flicking banjo melodies beautifully punctuate the straight shooting guitar lines and roaming violins. Its nostalgia is soothing, like a cozy fireplace on a rainy night. Dancing with melancholy, the song dreams up a home made just for him.

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