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ZAVIER!-BLOOD I’VE DRAWN | In cause and effect

ZAVIER! has more than reason to have an exclamation mark in his artist name. He delivers shockingly good rhymes, addictive beats and rhythms that all melt together like a well-made candle. He is the wick, burning bright and keeping his tunes light, and relevant. His latest single is called Blood I’ve Drawn.

Like many of his other songs, ZAVIER! makes sure he doesn’t push all his attention on the lyrics alone. Though they have a poetic magnetism that is the borderline and pay cheque for this song, he keeps the tune and background balanced. His charisma is through his words, several rhymes are within the same sentence many a times. His prowess is exemplified with the kind of attention to the beat, how his music wraps around it and creates the whirlwind that is his writing talent. Like a blood diamond, this is beautiful even when raw.

With Exo 2, he broke into the streaming charts in Spotify. He has some solid singles, Caution being a double single that has some real pull and effect. He lets his music do the talking, there is no necessity to brag or paint a flattering picture. Some people can talk the talk and walk the walk. ZAVIER! for sure, is one of those artists. Listen to his song and decide for yourself here:

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