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French Mothers – When the Night Comes
French Mothers – When the Night Comes

French Mothers – When the Night Comes | Technicolor Dreamscape

English band French Mothers have released a tight debut EP titled When The Night Comes which you would keep spinning on repeat. The EP consists of five songs and runs for about less than seventeen minutes. In this short time, French Mothers packs a punch with every single track on this record. This is a follow up to their three track short record The Old Hotel which showed a short taste of their genius.

When The Night Comes begins with the title track. Sustained chords and vocals commence the song and record creating an awe inspiring musical aura. At less than a minute and a half, this is a short intro track to the record. The first song of the album is Operator. With a powerful riff and rhythm full of life, we are kicked into the album. This is a fresh and inspiring rock song with great riffing and stunning production. The catchy centerpiece is the riff which is locked into the drum beat and bassline. A gritty guitar tone and spirited vocals make a splash of a grand entry into the record.

The Sea is the third track. An amazing track with great songwriting and production including guitar, synths, etc. which go stunningly well with it. This includes catchy guitar riffs and cascading phrases. Fourth song is Faded Golden which begins with a bassline and steady rock beat. A clean guitar comp accompanies the passionate vocals as the song builds up. Vocal harmonies and an epic cinematic chorus are what we get here. The album ends with the fifth and final track Wasted Out Years. With shining bright parts and a composition that evokes positive and nostalgic memories, it is a sweet end energetic emotional end to this stunning record by French Mothers.

When The Night Comes by French Mothers is addictive. The band manages to command your musical ears for every measure of the record. We get to hear some tight melodies and riffs which elevate the songwriting. Arrangement and production are not only top-notch but innovative and fresh in their execution. The music hits you like a bright galactical wind alighting their senses. The music reminds one of the best of acts like Keane, Coldplay, and U2, especially when they were at their innovative best. The six piece band creates a post-indie sonic theme park rooted in tight compositions and impeccable bright production execution.

French Mothers have an energising sound and a variety of styles. It is an ethereal ambient indie rock record driven by great synthesised and electric guitar tones. It fast-pacing, thrilling, catchy engaging choruses, and a melancholic vibe. Aural experimentation, part of the British indie rock trasition, is at the core of their sound which is still rooted in mainstream rock and pop. A distinctive character in content that is contemporary, sensitive, and grounded in relatability is what we hear in French Mothers. When The Night Come is a technicolor dreamscape of modern fresh indie rock.

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