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The Daytime High- Reaper | Classy

The Daytime High is a three-piece rock band hailing from the USA. The band consists of Micael Johansson on vocals and guitar, David James on guitars and vocals, and Rich Buckland on bass, keys, and vocals. If you’re looking for a band to get you moving and shaking, look no further than the daytime high. Keep an eye out for The Daytime High. They are sure to be a band to watch in the coming years.

They have released their debut single, “Reaper.” It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly makes “Reapers” so great. Is it the incredible production value? The catchy hooks? Such professional vocals? The fact that it’s just so damn unique? There’s no denying that this song is a certified bop. With the stunning sounds and a steady beat that seems as if it were playing in the background of your dreams every night, it immediately grabs onto you and won’t let go. “Reaper” is very easy on the ears and has rhythmic beats that make you want to move your feet along with it. From the very first note, you’re hooked. The guitar work is phenomenal, and the repetitive synths create a trance-like state that is simply mesmerizing. The song is perfect for listening to while you’re working on something or hanging out at home with your friends, enjoying some cold drinks by the fireplace! The Daytime High have made an excellent first impression with their debut single, “Reaper.” It’s hard not to recommend this track—it’s just so damn good!

Enjoy listening to Reaper here.

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