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Jenn Vix - Mr. Strange
Jenn Vix - Mr. Strange

Jenn Vix – Mr. Strange | Mystifying

Rhode Island native, Electronic Rock singer-songwriter, and producer, Jenn Vix, has been keeping busy in creating a surreal experience for her listeners. While she has a booming solo career, she has also released a few albums and singles with virtual collectives. Jenn creates music that appeals to Electronica fans all over the world with her thrilling melodies. Additionally, her varied discography showcases her wide range of skills including her multi-instrumental talent.

Her latest release, Mr. Strange, comes as a pleasantly spooky addition to her ever-growing discography. Jenn Vix creates a track that clouds the air with uncertainty and the odd heaviness that comes with the track. The synths and bass really lead the song with Jenn’s vocals at the forefront. However, the smaller things that you notice in the mix really add some interesting contrasts. The spooky atmosphere layered thickly on the unnerving low-end and fuzz really sets the mood for this time of year as well. Moreover, Jenn displays excellent skill in her mix giving each element plenty of space to play off of each other.

With an intriguing sense of melodies and countermelodies, Jenn Vix has dropped a track that supersedes genres. Her heavy use of Electronica fused with Rock elements keeps her audience fixed and mesmerized by every beat. Jenn, certainly, knows her style and crafts a story with her delivery in every single track. With a vast library and incredible talent, Jenn has more music that you can stream right now!

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