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Ella Lockert – Fake A Smile | Greatest Innovation

Ella Lockert is a young pop artist who has been into creating music since childhood. Her tracks are inspired from her day to day experiences. Her music is something that you could play all day long and don’t get tired of. She is one of those artist who will take you higher than the Empire state building and is capable of taking you below the ground level with the same impact. She experiments with her tracks with such great innovation that you will be left spellbound. Her mesmerizing vocals is what makes her stand out of the crowd. Her distinctive writing abilities are hypnotically unreal! Her discography is a perfect portrayal of her skills with songs that are very unique.

I recently came across her latest release which is named ‘Fake A Smile’. The track is written and structured to be one of the best tracks I’ve ever came across. The track has some amazing basslines which will blow your mind away. She has done such a great job writing the track. Each word in the lyrics is like it is exactly supposed to be there. The way she used her laugh as a drop is so fresh that it feels like something pulled out of a dream. Her voice is like a magical enchantment that binds you to her heart-felt vocals. The drum rolls are designed to leave an impact. Her subtle incorporation of harmonies makes me beg for more. This is surely a track that can make you dance, jump and party with joy.

“Ella Lockert is a magician when it comes to weaving tracks that appeal to the masses!”

You can catch a little glimpse of ‘Fake A Smile’ here-

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