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Aytone’s-Drops | Afloat in reverie

There is a good chance, some time from now, Aytone’s will be featured in lucid dreaming pods. Their music utilizes the best of some decades of music, all culminating with the same aim. A drive exists in the music that is difficult to find for most. Their latest single is another dream chamber, called Drops.

Synths and a solid drum rhythm section usher in the opening. The sound is unique, fresh and commands attention. The unexpected groove pattern for the drums holds my attention, while guitars and synths compete to layer above and below, in lieu with the time. Vocals are fresh yet carry a zeal of experience and uncaged energy, with the capacity to unleash with harmonics and mellow parts in equal parts of virtue. The progressions are unexpected, especially where the strings creep from the background and create a texturally dense psyche cavity. There are phases of time when they sound like TesseracT, or even Intervals, minus the djent breakdowns.

This is Aytone’s first single since 2021, Writing’s On the Wall. They develop a story for the instrumentals, each playing a polar role that defines the fingerprint of the track. This track is no different, I am inclined to agree that this might be their best. Getting Lost is a journey worth experiencing as well, for a band that can’t really be defined by genres you’d expect. Listen to their moving single here:

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