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Silas Armstrong – I’m Not Ok | Magical Introspection

I’m Not Okay by Silas Armstrong is a unique ballad that features visceral instrumentals and a haunting vocal delivery. Silas Armstrong manages to capture a peculiar mood of childhood memories and the slow realization of how it has been well past those times with his vocal delivery which is well complimented by the song structure that slowly builds up from minimal elements and virtually no percussion to being an impactful anthem for all those are sympathetic to that yearning for the days gone by.

I’m Not Okay features alot of melodramatic passages and successfully sends a pining for the pain of adult life to subside. This is done is done through the use of keyboard tones and scream at you to end the misery coupled with some gigantic guitar tones which are well distorted but sound almost drowned out by the rest of the mix in a desperate attempt to surface for air. And this desperate instrumental attempt is demonstrated by the climactic descending chord progressions that are audible in the bridge section. The song is a magnificent display of how a well produced ballad could empower the message of the lyrical content of a song and drive home the expression of the artist to the minds of the listeners.

Silas Armstrong showcases his lyrical prowess in writing a song that will leave any and all listeners swiped off their feet with his description the good times past. And I’m Not Okay is an impeccable example of this ability and is highly recommended to anyone who wants to sit back enjoy the musings of someone who also longs for happiness through the regaining of those good old days.

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