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Jewleyouse Merances – Low Confidence | Cosmetic Vanity

Low Confidence is a song by Chicago rapper Jewleyouse Merances and he showcases a level of lyrical skill coupled with social commentary. Jewleyouse Merances crafts a song which even though is already musically impressive also delivers greatly on the subject matter and specific images and ideas that the song is trying to convey.

We as a society used to maintain a certain level of respect to rap music and hip hop as it is significantly focused on the subject matter and the lyrics than just the lyrics being a vehicle for melodic vocal delivery and hence is a perfect medium for an artist to also express ideas in a much more specific and personal way which would normally be a herculean feat through the use of just instruments or a very limited supply of phrases and repeated passages as in other contemporary forms of music. Jewleyouse Merances manages to perfectly deliver his message across by capitalizing on the aforementioned strength that rap music inherently has and thus sends a message of hope and clarity for women who have the plight of living in this current age of cosmetic vanity pervading through all walks of life like social media to mainstream media to office spaces and even social circles where women are unjustly expected to maintain a certain level of visual pleasantness lest they be exposed to a myriad of unwelcome comments that lead to further stress and harm. The verses also talk about a plethora of other things relevant to the current day and age but manages to follow through all of it with impeccable flow and bars that really make you sit back on ponder over what you just heard.

Jewleyouse Merances song Low Confidence highlights and exposes the trials and tribulations that women face while staying sincere and also maintaining the technical and instrumental artistry that is required for rap. So if you’re someone whos looking for a great rap track or someone who wants indulge in a study of one of the plagues that affect society today be sure to give the song a listen.

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