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JellyCopter – Cease and Desist |

Today, we’re listening to JellyCopter, an English rock band that evokes the raw and authentic sounds of the 90s with their music. They recently came out with their 2nd studio album titled “Cease and Desist” – a 10-track set of songs that’ll go really well with your classic rock/pop playlists! JellyCopter started releasing music in 2019 and are known for their fan-favorites “Saratoga” and “You Were Never Young”. Featuring upbeat rhythms, hard-hitting drums and energetic vocals, it’s hard not to groove along with this record.

Cease and Desist Album Tracklist

The album begins with the title track Cease and Desist that features a tight groove and lively melodies. It begins with a simple electric guitar riff that introduces a solid drum beat; very classic-rock right from the start. “I got a letter / Cease and desist / This is as good as it gets / And it don’t get better than this”. With fun lyrics and raw vocals to carry the tune, the 2:42 minute-long track progresses with guitars and energetic drums throughout; a fantastic presentation of JellyCopter’s sound.

Track two, Lost on the Way, carries the feel of the album with more playful vocals and the band’s favourite guitars. JellyCopter sure know how to deliver a tight performance, and this track represents that quite well. Rock tracks like this one, with their upbeat lead sections and suitable basslines, are a pleasure to listen to; the band hits all the right notes on this one!

The next track on the album has a different feel overall as compared to what we’ve heard so far. He’s a Liar features uplifting, and sometimes melodic melodies that carry the story of the title well. This 4:00 minute piece has a hard-hitting drum section and some piano chords that glue the instrumentation together really well.

Fan-favourite Practice What You Preach comes next, and it’s a melodic masterpiece! It starts with a sliding bassline that launches into an infectious riff; one of those melodies that never get out of your head. It has engaging lyricism and a bright drum section, along with rich harmonies that really spice up the mix.  All in all, it’s a fun song that’s fun to sing and dance to!

JellyCopter changes things up with track five – You Can’t Break My Heart Again. It starts off in a more punk-rock space, with grungy vocals and distorted tones. As the track progresses, they introduce the pop cadences were already familiar with, in addition to upbeat guitar strums and energetic drums. The lyrics are somewhat aggressive, though they have a layer of sorrow to them sometimes. It has catchy choruses, solid transitions and a smooth ending that fades beautifully.

Sacrificial Lamb opens with a driving guitar riff and a drum section that goes really well together. The engaging riff carries the entire groove of the track throughout, and the catchy chorus is the icing on the top! As the track progresses, JellyCopter introduce a fantastic guitar lead that ties all the segments together wonderfully.

JellyCopter has a way of making simple melodies sound really interesting in their songs. Track seven Cowboy Song is a great example of their classic pop-reminiscent sound. With a bunch of harmony-backed vocals and guitars in this upbeat and fun performance, this is one of the most energetic tracks of the album so far.

Saratoga starts off with conversational vocals over the band’s usual instrumentation. “Could we get there any faster? / Can you tell me what you see? / When I talk but you don’t answer / You’re the ghost of my machine” – The singer delivers a solid performance here, as he sings about taking a trip to Saratoga with his significant other. In addition to being smooth and easy on the ears, the song has a bit of nostalgia to it as well that gives it a specific character; a fantastic composition!

Cowboy Song is a track that celebrates a friendly relationship through joyous melodies and up-tempo rhythms. Driving guitars play really well with the bassline on this one, and the vocals sound great with the overall instrumentation. The band introduces a violin-like instruments melody along with the guitar lead as the track progresses, creating a unique blend of sounds.

The album ends with the track – “Won’t Make the Same Mistake Twice”. Compared to the rest of the album so far, this final track is quite dynamic. It starts off with a bright acoustic guitar riff and a smooth vocal that sets the overall heartwarming mood of the track. As the track title suggests, the singer talks about how he’s made mistakes in the past and learnt from them, keeping sure that he won’t repeat them again. With a lovely piano progression and a constant drum/percussion rhythm it’s hard not to groove along to this one. At 7:55, it’s the longest track of the lot by far, and JellyCopter doesn’t deliver a song here, but an experience. The choruses are catchy and relatable, additionally, with the supportive instrumentation, all the elements gel well with one another throughout. No doubt that this is the best track of the album!

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