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d’Z-One | A time to relish

To understand a groove is to be one with it. Clever reference to song title, I know. d’Z knows exactly how, being a jazz drummer of great experience. He searches for these stories within the time signature changes of the tracks he makes. One is his latest release.

With funky elements and a jazz core, One leaves d’Z all open for experimentation. He chooses drum membranes and hollows of different tenors, creating a fresh palette of unique sounds for this track. Like how every good narration is more enrapturing with a good narrator, this artist brings the flavour with the percussion and instruments he uses. Ben Matthews assists him on this one, creating an interesting canvas that an art critic would stare into for hours.

Released in March this year, this track is undoubtedly his most popular track. d’Z choice of vocals reiterates the joy the track carries, the piano solo also something that has an edge to create a unique juxtaposition. His 2021 single Sunlight has a whole other vibe, this music aficionado and chameleon being able to transit between tracks and effects with little to no problem. He made his debut with Conviction on the streaming platform, and people seem to really have taken to this groove heavy, light and interesting compositions he makes. Listen to his single here:

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