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Khoriantor – Moksha | Solace

Since 2000, Khoriantor has made his home in Utah, USA, where he works as an artist. His musical career indicates that, as an immigrant, he is fully aware of what it means to toil hard to achieve one’s goals. Khoriantor, raised in the amazing city of Santiago de Chile, started writing songs in 2003 when he was young, allowing him to devote himself to his passion for music. Khoriantor has been a force in music for so many years through many partnerships and three albums. If you’re a fan of good music, you must check out Khoriantor’s work. He is a true artist, and his music is sure to please.

When you’re in a rough patch, it can be hard to find a song that helps soothe your soul. You might be longing for something that will make you feel like everything is going to be okay—but you don’t know what that means yet. But “Moksha” by Khoriantor has got you covered. The lyrics are beautiful, and the music is truly stirring. You’ll be hooked from the very first line, and the rest of the song lives up to that promise with its fantastic bassline, mellow synths, and of course, the remarkable voices of Khoriantor and Poetic Justis. The song starts off with a gentle melody that’s easy to get lost in, but then it quickly shifts into something more urgent. This is where the bassline comes in, giving us another dose of energy. The hook lines “It’s going to be alright / It’s going to turn out fine? It’s going work out nice” itself is assuring and endearing, and the vocal variations that tag along are just cherries on the top. These lines become your mantra as you listen to this song. By the time those atmospheric vocals hit the song’s end, you can’t help but feel like everything is going to be okay. Khoriantor ‘s music is always golden-hour-worthy, but he also has an uncanny ability to connect with us on an emotional level.

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