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Dominic Rodio – Strawberry Head | Progressive Punk Prowess

Strawberry Head is a single by Dominic Rodio that manages to seamlessly integrate pop punk and progressive rock. This song checks all the boxes when it comes to pop punk but expertly keeps the music interesting by including sections with 6/4 time signature in between the usual 4/4 to create this wonderful mix of prog and punk elements. Furthermore this song lyrically explores themes that sounds willfully similar to the typical themes of a personal coming to age experience coupled with ambiguousness necessary for the listener to place their own interpretations of the song whether to place it more along the lines of punk lyricism or through the lens of an introspective look into one’s self.

Dominic Rodio manages to craft a song that is reminiscent of Blink-182 or Sum 41 with the instrumentation, structure and production techniques like backing vocals that compliments the chorus and certain guitar passages and turn it into a composition that much more resembles something a more experienced music aficionado would enjoy. The riffs thunder through with great impact in places and really drives home the overall feel with impeccable tightness and the overall cohesiveness throughout the song really makes this warrant multiple listening to truly take in the effort that Dominic Rodio has put into his work

The song is a treat for anyone who grew up with skater punk but also want to explore a more captivating sound that stays true to it’s roots while also portraying the musings of a mature artist.

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