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The Underclass - Bad Dreams | Upbeat
The Underclass - Bad Dreams | Upbeat

The Underclass – Bad Dreams | Upbeat

The Underclass is a band of five ardent artists who together have been creating rock music since 2018. They are known for their indie-rock music that appeals to the rock listeners like nothing else. With great charisma and brilliant on-stage presence, they are making quite a mark for themselves. The Underclass recently released a song called Bad Dreams which is something you shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of rock music. 

Bad Dreams is a song that starts with great energy as the beats kick in and set your mood from the first second itself. You would fall in love, however, when the vocals kick in, which somehow tone down the upbeatness of the beats with their softness and a great tune. The chorus is an exciting one that rises the energy to another level and makes you want to enjoy every bit of yourself. When you listen to the song the second time, it hits you in a whole other way and you would want to delve into every bit of it so as to make sure that you don’t miss out on its essence. 

Bad Dreams can sound a bit emotional because of its meaningful and moving lyrics, but the whole vibe is transformed into something else when the beats add their magic and make the song enjoyable. 

With great lyrics, awesome vocals, and well-rounded rock energy, Bad Dreams makes for a must-listen.

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